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05 December 2019

Farm Products

online shop with our farm products

Welcome to our farm shop and webshop

You can pre-order KRAV organic rabbit meat via our online store or send an email. During the season the farm shops is open every day. During the winter, contact us first to be sure. We have start kits of live kombucha, kefir and sour bread culture and are therefore limited. We plan to send them as quickly as possible but sometimes it takes 2-4 working days.

All tea is 100% organic and no weird substance or flavor are added. All our teas can be used to brew kombucha. If you only order tea then the shipping cost is always 29 sek.

Our online products (not all we sell in our farm shops)

Startkit Surkål och behållare m.m.
Startkit Surkål och behållare m.m.
799 kr

Surkål behållare 2 liter med mandolin/kålhyvel, kålstamp och beskrivning..

Stengods hantverk med kapacitet på 2 liter. Bakat till 1250 °C. Hållbart, giftfri och extremt starka hantverk.

Nu direkt från lager Beställvara, leveranstid ~10dagar

Alla våra frakt skickar vi via Post Nord.

Betala via: Swish, Bank och Kreditkort.

 Betala med kort Betala via din bank

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