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23 October 2020

Organic kombucha from Njordstorp Permaculture Farm Varmlands nysater

Our kombucha brewery

Njordstorp Kombucha is made at a small microbrewery on the farm Njordstorp in Värmlands Nysäter, Säffle municipality, which started the business in spring 2015 by brewing kombucha. We started drinking Kombucha and used it more and more. In the United States it is a common health drink and we learned to manufacture it from there. In Sweden we lacked "Booch" or "Buka" and therefore started to brew our own. Added flavor ingredients are from our own KRAV organic certified farm and water from our own controlled water spring.

Where can I find Njordstorps Kombucha?

In our farmshop and via REKO Facebook direct delivery system in Arvika/Säffle/Karlstad/Bengtsfors/Åmål and via our webshop online.

What is Kombucha?

When we started we got a lot of questions, now kombucha is become a more common drink. But sometimes still needs an explanation. Kombucha is, in short, a fermented tea which fills the tea with vitamins, beneficial bacteria and antioxidants. After brewing it is bottled for you and possibly flavoured with our locally grown organic KRAV berries, herbs or fruits.

Kombucha consists of a living bacterial culture that can soothe the stomach and digestion. Thanks to organic acids and enzymes that are formed during the brewing process, kombucha can have other health effects where you can read more information on various web pages. Kombucha is rich in B vitamins that help the body absorb energy from food and break down fat. The B vitamins also ensure that hair, skin and nails stay strong and healthy.

Kombucha is a complex lactic acid bacterial culture that is fermented (fermented) with organic tea. During this process, all nutrients are formed.

Drink a Kombucha for breakfast, during the day when you are craving something refreshing or for your dinner. Refill with Njordstorps Kombucha to the body in connection with exercise. Excellent alternative to snacks or as an alcohol free choice instead of a glass of wine in the evening. Is it too acidic for you add honey or sugar as in a regular tea.

Kombucha's history

Kombucha började framställas redan 220 f.Kr i Kina och kallades då för Livets Elixir. Kombucha är lätt kolsyrat, fermenterat ekologiskt te och är ett "Raw food". Raw food innebär att livsmedlet inte hettats upp under framställningen vilket gör att alla färska näringsämnen finns kvar (inte själva teet är raw men processen efter).

Kombucha was already made in 220 BC in China and was then called the Elixir of Life. Kombucha is lightly carbonated, fermented organic tea and is a "Raw food". Raw food means that the food was not heated during the preparation, which means that all fresh nutrients remain (not the tea itself but but the process after).

Our kombucha flavors


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