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23 October 2020

Artisan food

Organic Permaculture Farm

Artisan food production

For us the small-scale food production is obvious because we can take care of our own produced quality grown fruit/vegetables and process them carefully. Our products and production is organic certified by KRAV. Our products are guaranteed locally, ecologically and sustainably. We have accumulated this knowledge for many years as we worked at various companies and in recent years for ourselves as self resilient and eco-farmers. We produce the products in different occasions and therefore we can have very different and unique varieties.

Fermenting vegetables

From various organic vegetables, herbs, beans, mushrooms and fruits we produce acidic probiotic products such as sauerkraut, kimchi and tempeh.

They are unpasteurized and therefore have a vibrant acid culture with lots of vitamins, nutrition and taste.

Kombucha brewery

Kombucha is a fermented tea which is rich in nutrition and probiotics. We ferment organic black or green tea with organic sugar and add flavor through a second fermentation on our own fruits or spices.

Kombucha or 'Buka' we call this is a healthy alternative to soft drinks. You can read more about our kombucha here.

Njordstorp Farm Dairy

In our dairy we make various organic products of local quality milk from Byälvensdalen / Gillbergadalen and with our own herbs. We use it raw or pasteurize with care, depending on the type of cheese, and then add nutritious farm-sour acid culture so we get as much flavor as possible. Everything is artisan crafted so you get cheese with a lot of character.

The flavors are unique and follow the seasons because we produce small batches and with as fresh and local ingredients as possible. Artisan production at its best!

You can buy our cheeses directly from us in our farm shop or some varieties through our online store or through the REKO rings facebook way we are active on.

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