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Information for your stay

If you want to stay for wwoofing, apprenticeship or any other staying we have some information collected and summarized.

We have many, other than animal feeding and gardening work. But all  is depending the weather. Some jobs need to be done but we variety the work with some heavy and lighter work. But all physical. We also work outside most of the day (sometimes you have to work alone).

We eat together and we mostly cook (it has become a custom that our guests cook at least once their local or favorite meal). We like the conversations during our breaks and meals. We have a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge. Hope you also have our interests of working with nature and permaculture so let us know what you want to learn or experience.

We like to have people here who think in terms of conserving water and electricity especially at summer when we share our facilities. If you are used to taking a shower every day please consider that at the farm we are careful with natural resources like water (we take a dive in one of our ponds). As we do not run the washing machine so often it is good to know this before coming here and bring clothing to change into.

The farm is within walking/biking distance of a village (5km). There is a well stocked store only five kilometers from here if you want to buy sweets or other foods which we do not provide. You can loan our bike if we haven't planned to use it.

A big lake for fishing, swimming and leisuring is at walking distance trough a nice forrest (45min) to relax at in the weekends. 

Some tips:

  • About clothes: something for warm and cold weather. Also for working clothes which can become dirty (old clothes).
  • Boots: VERY important don't forget watertight shoes or boots. If you prefer working cloves, we have some used but some are not comfortable for you (size or waterproof). Then you can take your own.
  • We are not connected to a sewage so you soap/shampoo need to be 100% biodegradable (ecological). That is also soap, shampoo or deodorant you would bring with you and is free from harmful chemicals and if sented only very slightly (preferably without perfume at all).
  • We are a bit out from towns and cities so it can be lonely if you are not used to it. Take something to read or what you like so you can enjoy the quietness of the stay. Don't expect you can travel quickly into the city (Säffle) because it is 25 km away and busses drive only during the week.

Hope this all gives you some more information. Have you already looked at (the local website). More info is also on the website. For public transportation you can look on the (train) and (bus)

If any questions just ask.

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