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Praktik och WWOOF

Praktik eller sommarhjälp på en gård? Och WWOOF

Under de senaste åren har vi välkomnat wwoofare från många delar av världen. Vi minns svenska, brasilianska, slovaker, amerikaner, tjecker, holländska, tyskar, kineser, franska och brittiska. Nästan alla av dem hade en sak gemensamt, viljan att lära sig mer om ekologisk grönsaksodling, hållbar livsstil och landliv som vårt.

På Njordstorp finns ofta möjlighet att få arbeta i syfte att få lära sig eller att ta en paus från stadslivet. Kontakta oss här.

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People who love nature and want to learn and working on a farm are always welcome. We are looking for people who are interested in Permaculture, Agro Forestry, Transition or want to learn more about the self sufficient lifestyle we live as part of nature. And if you are dreaming or planning to move from a city to the country but want to experiment what it is all about. If you are interested in a life in and as a part of nature and peaceful loneliness Njordstorp is the right place for you. 

Since we have not so many machines at Njordstorp Permaculture Farm, most of the work is done by hand. The most tasks are physically and everything takes a little more time without machines. In spring the garden and greenhouse need to be prepared. If the frost is out of the ground we can start again with the building projects, the vegetable seeds need be seeded, fencing to be set, making hay, cutting firewood for next winter, prepare pasture grounds for our future plans with animals and growing/planting trees and bushes. During summer time we must maintain the garden, feed the animals, make hay, pick berries and keep up with the daily routine of feeding the animals.

The day-rhythm is more or less determined by the feeding times, 2 times a day. Daily we plan the day. And in the weekend you have time, depending the weather, for reading books (rainy days), making trips or in the evenings playing (board)games with us. You should like the quiet loneliness. This farm is situated away from the town.


Nysäter is a small village situated nearby the Byälven River. It has around 160 inhabitants. The ecologic farm Njordstorp is placed 5 km away from civilization which makes it a perfect place to enjoy nature and quietness. Around it you'll find a lot true wilderness to discover, you can explore it by foot, skiing or on horseback. Since the farm is situated so high up in Sweden, the snow may arrive at November and stay until the end of March. But the last years it was a shorter snow-season.


You can stay in the cabin (small wooden cottage), which has a sleeping loft. You will have your own comfortable and cozy sleeping possibility and outdoor toilet. In summer we can have many visitors like friends or woofers because we have so much work. In those occasions we may ask you to sleep in a tent if needed. The food is our own ecological vegetables and we don't eat so many times meat. Our guests don't have to cook there own meal (that's why we can't accommodate vegans). If you want extra's like candy you can buy it yourself in the local shop.

Weather and Clothes

During summer season we go out every day, therefore you need good outdoor clothes. Adding to that you should bring rain-clothes and rubber-boots, because the weather can be really hot, but also very wet and cold. Every month of the Swedish summer has its own characteristics. In March till May the ground prepares itself. The snow melts and there is more and more light and sun. June is the brightest month with fantastic summer nights, when the sun only disappears shortly. July is the hottest month (sometimes also the wettest). In September the nights can already return to below zero degrees, we can watch the stars again and eat the best berries! Autumn has more colors than you can imagine, and winter is something all of its own. Every season is very different and intense.


It is hard to say what the cheapest way is to come to Sweden, prices change that often. The best you can find it yourself via internet. For the last bit it is best to take the train to Säffle ( and from there you can take the bus ( look for the 807 buss) to Nysäter and get off at 'Trehörningen' (see also our map).

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